Social Media marketing

We help high achieving coaches maximize their impact and income through social media marketing.

Do you relate to any of the following?

⭐ Do you feel financially capped or energetically stuck in your journey as an online coach

⭐ Have you made strides in your business, but know in your heart you are are capable of SO much more?

⭐ Do you feel like you’re working in the business & like you have no time to yourself?

⭐ Do you feel like your content is working, but know you are made for more and are ready for real results?

⭐ Are you tired of wearing all the hats in your business: finance, marketing, sales, operations?

⭐ Would you love to delegate some of your daily tasks so you can start showing up powerfully & consistently?

Social media marketing is your competitive edge.

Spiritual Boost will accelerate your progress and give you the support you need to create the change in your business you desire. If you are still managing your digital marketing alone, you are stopping yourself from TRUE SUCCESS.

You will have your own personal guide, mentor and team by your side guiding you, supporting you, pointing out your blind spots and showing you a path forward.

You will gain the personalized marketing tools, resources, foundations and guidance to finally create the shifts that you have been desiring to achieve for months.

And with this type of support, anything is possible.

I Need This

You will receive 1:1 support with

⭐ Developing a customized social media strategy for your Spiritual Coaching Business that works for you.

⭐ Implementing offers so we can grow your email list and nurture these leads to build trust.

⭐ Showing up authentically so you can build know, like & trust with your audience.

⭐ Creating graphics and video content that will stand out in the saturated space of social media.

⭐ Get noticed by ideal clients that land in your DMs (yes you will start to wake up with people saying - I NEED YOU!)

⭐ Claiming & unleashing that power inside of you so you can make money that feels so far away!

Spiritual Boost Includes:

Social Media Management

Carly & her team will post a unique mix of (3-5 posts) that will help you stand out, convert more clients and have more of any impact on social media.

Graphic Design

Done for you graphics that are on brand for your business & will stand out so you can build trust with your audience.

Video Editing

Done for you video optimization for social media with branded subtitles & thumbnails.

Done For You Captions

Your captions are strategically written & customized for your goals so you can make more money! You will engage your audience on every post.

Hashtag Strategy

his will help you 10x your impressions so you can grow your following organically and reach new clients.

2 Landing Pages to Capture Emails

We will help you strategize, create and build a funnel to grow your email list. This is vital in case social media ever goes away.

Direct Message Outreach

We are basically your in-house sales team. Great content alone will not convert, so we do this hard work for you! Book meetings, close deals and grow your income.


It's time to earn millions!

Client Results

“Hiring Carly was exactly what my business needed. Thank you so much Carly for the support, it has helped me stay consistent & follow my mission. Together, we got clear on my business goals, developed a coaching program that aligned and signed on 3 new clients in the first month.”

Reiki Energy Healing

“Hiring Carly has been so productive for my business growth. In the first month together, Carly produced new leads & my entire brand came together! This allowed me to stand out as a thought leader on IG.

Fitness Coach

“Went over my goal & almost made 4x the money I made last month!”


“Before working with Carly, I was feeling anxious, thinking about my low following on Instagram, despite creating my regular posts and informative tutorials. I Found Carly on Instagram and made the decision to invest and hire Carly for a month, to build my following on Instagram. And implement Carly's new follower outreach program which allowed me to gain some very warm leads who know, like and trust me. After 1 month I now have: A significantly larger following who know, like and trust me. This has allowed me to double my engagement, which is up by 50% in both my posts and stories! Which has saved me a huge amount of time, to grow my following. And helped me focus on the business side, to slowly enable me to start teaching online yoga classes. I now am feeling so much more rewarded, knowing that I'm having an impact which allows me to inspire women to gain strength and flexibility, by following Carly's outreach program, after working with Carly.”


This Is Your Invitation to grow your business.

Social Media Marketing Includes:

3 Months of Social Media Management & Support to Delegate
3-5 Social Media Posts/week (graphics + videos)
Done for you captions
Hashtag strategy
Post for you at optimal time
2 landing pages to capture emails
1-1 monthly access to Carly’s team of experts to help you scale
200 direct messages / month