Step 1. Discovery Call

A successful social media plan requires a discovery
kick-off meeting. Carly will meet with you to learn about your mission and vision. She will discover where you are today and learn about where you want to be and who you want to impact.


Step 2. Niche Down

A successful and credible brand must begin with targeting a very specific niche. If you haven't already, Carly will help you get clear on who you want to speak to. This builds brand credibility in your specific area of expertise. If you speak to everyone, you risk speaking to no one. So let's get clear!


Step 3. Research

Carly will research your audience, competition and cultivate a clear action plan for the month ahead. This strategy will be unique to your mission and vision. And will focus on providing value to your audience so we can focus on converting your followers to SUPER FANS.


Step 4. Content Calendar

It's time to put our plan into action! Carly will create a thorough social media calendar for the month that includes: graphic, caption and pillar content topic. Prior to the month we will have this calendar approved.


Step 5. Launch

It's launch time baby! Let's get your value out to the entire world. We will post as much or as little as you need. We will optimize every post with 30 unique hashtags and watch as your audience grows!


Step 6. Super Fans!

Over the course of the month, watch as your audience cultivates. Engagements grows and your brand stands out! Brand is something that will never, ever be taken away from you!


Let’s Build A Polarizing Brand!

A successful business relies heavily on a powerful, polarizing brand.

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